Gloucester County, New Jersey.

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About Conservation ...

Torner Conservation focuses on the stabilization of deteriorating works on paper and bound materials.

The objects treated ~from notebooks and letters to fine art pieces~ are significant to a community or to the person who preserves them: this relevance is based in aesthetic, practical, historical and/or sentimental value.

Conservation begins with the thorough knowledge and appropriate treatment of its component materials while acknowledging its current use, meaning and history.

Torner Conservation helps individuals and institutions to preserve their treasures. 

Lucía Torner is an independent art conservator specialized in Books, Archival Materials and Works on Paper.


Lucía Torner is a Professional Associate of The American Institute for Conservation (AIC).

Lucía promotes the AIC Code of Ethics and Guidelines for Conservation Practice.


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Here is how to preserve your treasures...


Torner Conservation specializes in the examination, stabilization and treatment of bound materials and paper-based items including, but not limited to, documents, rare, historic and contemporary books, notebooks or journals, manuscripts, photographic albums, maps, newspapers and fine art works on paper ~e.g. watercolors and prints~ among others. The services are divided in three big groups:




Torner Conservation offers services to art collectors, private and public libraries, science institutions, historical societies and museums. Also, to families and individuals who want to preserve personal treasures and heirlooms.



Thank you for your interest in Torner Conservation. Please call, get in touch by email or leave a message if you want more information, need an estimate or a consultation.

The studio is located at Woolwich Township, 

Gloucester County, New Jersey.


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